Saturday, 5 January 2013

Osho – Society becomes a game of condemning each other

Osho on Society
Osho – You cannot hide your unconsciousness; it surfaces. Your reality goes on expressing itself — you may not be able to see it, but everybody else can see it. This is a strange world! You may not see your unconsciousness, but everybody knows about it, just as YOU know about everybody else’s. Because we pay more attention to people than we do to our own mind, we are capable of knowing their faults, their reasons for misery, their causes of hell.
We are very wise as far as others are concerned and we are very unwise as far as we are concerned — with our own inner being. We are focused on others, and this creates two things: you can’t help others, you can only condemn them. And your condemnation is not going to change them; in return they will condemn you.
So society becomes a game of condemning each other. Nobody sees his own faults; on the contrary, everybody tries to cover them up. Not that he does not want to see them, he does not want them to be seen by others. But you can’t help it: others are bound to see, because whatsoever there is in your unconscious goes on surfacing.

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