Monday, 8 April 2013

How Self-Sabotage Works

It is very tricky to recognise self-sabotage when you are the one who is causing it.
It is easy to see when other people sabotage themselves because you can look at this process as an observer.
However, when you are the one involved in all the emotions and uncertainty, it is quite easy to overlook this failure factor.
Some people sabotage themselves when it comes to money, some do it with relationships or achievement. I personally had the most trouble with achievement. I felt that I can be successful to a certain degree and that huge success was just not what I deserved.
Self-sabotage is triggered when you try to achieve more than your self-image allows you to achieve. You have a certain opinion about yourself and you look at yourself in a certain way that determines how much success you can achieve. Because we all have some limiting beliefs, almost no people can clearly see their true selves.
Dr Maxwell Maltz, the author of Psycho-Cybernetics got it absolutely right by saying that self-image is like a rubber band (he called this phenomena “the snap-back effect”). He said that you can stretch the rubber band only to a certain length and hold it only for a certain time until you get weak or get distracted and the rubber band will then snap back to its true shape.
That’s what happens to people who try to achieve something beyond anything else they have ever achieved. Sooner or later they sabotage themselves in some way and get back to their normal levels of achievement.
The good news is that self-sabotage can be eliminated. It is very hard to change consciously though because you have to always fight with your limiting beliefs. However, your unconscious mind does not need any convincing to change. If you manage to reach it, it will eliminate your limiting beliefs for you because by working on a deeper level you can go beyond limiting beliefs.
Unconscious mind can be reached consciously, but it takes quite a while. This can be done through affirmations and through constant looking at pictures of your goal or reading written affirmations. But there is a quicker way to change. You can do that by accessing your unconscious mind through the altered levels of consciousness.
You can reach such consciousness levels by hypnosis, self-hypnosis, just before sleep and sometimes after waking up. There are other ways to access such levels of consciousness, but these ones are the easiest to achieve.
Altered levels of consciousness do not mean that you have to be in a trance to experience them. You just need to feel different to how you usually feel. For example, if you are a visual person (you think in pictures), whenever you start feeling or hearing more than you focus on images, it means you are in an altered state of consciousness.
This sometimes happens when you are in a lecture or in some meeting and you feel very bored. You start feeling differently and you see blurry images or your hearing sharpens. That means you have achieved a different state of consciousness.
So once you are in such state, visualise that you have achieved your goal. See yourself as having more money, being more confident or successful. The more often you do that, the quicker you will alter your self image.
Once your self image is improved, you will be able to achieve more success without any extra effort. You see, hard work is not a solution. People work hard but they don’t achieve more because through hard work they try to compensate for their weak self-images. That never brings any good results.
Once you have a positive self-image, you will naturally make different choices in life and therefore you will get better results. So you will not work harder, you will just work in a different way (smarter).
If you have not read Psycho-Cybernetics yet, I strongly advise you to do so. This book describes self-image in great detail and gives many techniques you can use to change your self-image. This book has changed the lives of millions so do not miss out on the book that can change your life too!

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